Anticipating workweek

Where I fit in

My job is more about money than it is people, but only at the surface level.  Good institutional funding is an intrinsic part of reaching our human engagement goals and deep connections with an expanding community of Mozillians will inform and drive our grant proposals.

I am one of many storytellers in the organization.  I have learned my craft in a very specialized context and have much to learn outside of it.

What we can do better.

We had a pretty kicking year last year.  But, we have huge aspirations.  Aside from the many things I want to do better personally, we need to build tools, training, and support to shift to a more distributed development team model. If we can optimize the balance between “centrally supported” and “entrepreneurial” institutional funding, we will do amazing things.  If we stay too centralized, we will stunt our growth.  If we aren’t enough, we can derail the organization and our impact in a thousand different ways.

What we need to preserve.

It isn’t a thing as much as a way of interacting, but I have valued the devteam’s sense of shared responsibility and “how can I help” ethic.  The idea of having that sort of relationship in an even bigger team makes me all woogily with delight.

What I want from workweek.

I work better when I know people—their interests, concerns, and rhythms.   I have a sense of (and a lot of awe for) the talents and experience of this group, but I would love to know more about the specifics of what everyone does and how we can share capacity.  


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